Our core business

We address your practical issues

  • Basic missions :

Security strategic planning. Sites security (needs analysis and implementation). Screening. Travellers’ security. Special events. Ethical SOP’s : whistleblowing, privacy. Training

  • Crisis management :

Network setup, management training

  • Investigations :

Frauds. Thefts. Coordination and supervision of investigations. Counsultations in judicial proceedings

  • IT and communication :

Systems security, availability and integrity, continuity of services (denial of services), users authentication. Intrusion tests. Security of digital tools (telephone etc). Drafting IT policies and SOP’s.

  • Competitive intelligence :

Analysis on open sources. Web watch. Due diligence investigations. Confidentiality procedures and protection of sensitive information.




  • The analysis, survey and implementation of all your security needs in France
  • The permanent or temporary hiring of a security manager to set up a security strategy and choose an in house professional to give him/her the right keys, right knowledge and networking.
  • For all the works Euronethic cannot provide on its own, we will connect you (directly or indirectly in accordance with you) with proven and expert partners in France, Europe and throughout the world