Why ensure corporate security in a global world

  • Compliance alone is not the solution to security. Sustainability is being built through daily protection against counterfeit, human and natural risks, and a capacity to collect intelligence and ethically investigate the issues in accordance with local laws.
  • Security is a competitive plus: the best protected will survive
  • The complexity of modern corporate security needs to be addressed by experts able to help you implement a global strategy and control its application

To help all firms meet their security challenge,
Euronethic ensures:


  • A real hands-on expertise, with a strong European rooting.
  • A dedicated proficiency to foster IT security: e-mailings, net and telecommunication
  • A stringent code of ethics.

How we do it? Three commitments:


  • WORKS with a comprehensive European network of well established local consultants to comply with specific laws and regulations
  • GUARANTEES a centralized and personalized steering of all your issues
  • PROVIDES global investigative services through its own expertise and renowned partners.